Lazy to type keywords on the browser?

Keep it free with GOOGLE GOGGLES

Just point, click, goggle.

Google has changed the way of searching things on internet. Traditionally, one used to type keywords on browser of the computer or any gadget. One can also look for information using the speech recognition software to translate what you speak into a search query and gets you the information. The latest type of searching on Google is to search visually using the new type of search known as GOOGLE GOGGLES.

Goggles, is a free application which can be downloaded from internet. Just Google in and then type goggles and click download.

Google has kept in mind for mobile phone users. This app works on Android and on I-phone. One can download it from the internet (www.google.com/mobile/goggles/).

Once you install, it is ready for hands-on. You can just take pictures of anything using this app and you get instant information about it. You can horn your photography skills too!!!!…..

This app ends up being a very useful and source full app. If you do not know what monument it is, whose statue it is, what food it is, which landmark it is, just you have to do is to take a pic of it using goggle, automatically it feeds you information about it.

But this app has a major drawback, it doesn’t cater to out there people (general people), who do not use expensive phones and good gadgets like I-phone or an Android. The restrictiveness of this app to Android and I-phone is the main drawback.

Overall this app is an interesting way that allows you make a better sense of the world just with a simple pic. Now no need to feel foreign in a foreign country again.Image


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amyn Charania says:

    Thats really gr8!!


  2. Liz says:

    gud one rahim
    an eye opening insight into google s new tech


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