“CinEvolution – Best In The World” – A Film Festival

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Do U Have A DESIRE For Film Making?

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“CinEvolution – Best In The World”

( 1st & 2nd September, 2012 )

CINEMA! The word may be small, but definitely influenced the life of almost every human being. It has become a staple of global society and has always been a trendsetter. Our lives are entangled with it. It is difficult to imagine the existence of today’s world without cinema.

With CinEvolution, we take the film world to the next level, making it much more important in our lives. We strive to push the boundaries of the film and reach new heights. The society, as a whole, has always been curious towards social issues.

CinEvolution has taken up these matters, as their subject, to make it a platform for young filmmakers to highlight and propagate essential commentary on the important social issues of Hyderabad. The film festival also helps the filmmakers to voice out the problems faced by the citizens in the city.

Social change is just around the corner and CinEvolution welcomes young filmmakers to get together, share their thoughts and showcase their distinctive talent.

CinEvolution is not about celebrating and boasting the grandeur of cinema, but is all about its evolution as a way of our life. Its more than just a film festival, its a movement.

So what are you waiting for????…..

Enroll at the earliest on cinevolution2012@gmail.com or contact me @ +918008908923 for further info.


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  1. Director id secret says:

    Yeaaaa will be there 4 the event


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