An Ode to Poetry

They say poetry isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I say it the other way. The norm that only intellectual rich people can put pen to paper is fading. Many youngsters including me are coming out of the shell to showcase poetry skills. Poetry is something which everybody can put their hands on, everyone can relate to. It is full of feelings, one can write their heart out.

Poetry Past
In the past, people with high literature background and classical thinking only could write poetry because the rest of the crowd was treated illiterates. Poets, who were going through bad period, wrote about the societal struggle they went through. “I, Too, Sing America” by Langston Hughes, was written in a period when blacks were struggling to be equal with the whites. Poems at this period were more inclined to societal struggle, classical approach.

Poetry Present
Today, people are becoming more sophisticated. With the mounting technology, they are getting exposed to abundant information. We are getting more exposed in the beginning years itself, as a result we are able to think and put it on paper. We aren’t restricting to any genres as such but are writing it as our emotions flow with important incidents like gang rape, woman issues.

Poetry Future
Future existence of poetry is uncertain as computers, robots will take over. Nonetheless of the fact, people who will become slaves below the supreme power will continue to write their heart out in a more sophisticated manner to let out their feeling.

Poetry will continue to exist, as humans will be humans — emotional fools — they will let out emotions from time to time. They will voice out for their rights, past era of the poetry will repeat.


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