Behind Those Complicated Movie Reviews

…the high vocab and the super flux sentences 


Did it cross your brilliant mind about the pains you took to read the review of the movie you planned to go this weekend? Did you leave it half-read? Did you read the content of the review selectively? Is it confusing? Is the review piece too high on vocabulary and out of the norm? Or is it another fanatic piece of art written to impress you?

Many people around the world take a heck lot of pain to read the review and use their grey cells to understand the head and tail of the story. Though, the review is solely one person’s point of view, it’s still read by the lay man so as to decide is it worth the money. Few reviews persuade you to go an extra mile to purchase that expensive ticket and kill time by watching a sheer piece of crap or an art, in some cases. At the end of the movie you sometimes remorse reading the review and watching the movie, in fact, you compare your stand on the movie with the reviewer and think that it was easy to put the movie review in plain English rather than using high vocab English. Your mind wonders – Are they willing to sound intelligent and showy?

Biased or Unbiased or Both

Are the reviewers biased on giving ratings to a movie? Yes, if they are too rich and drive a Bentley or Mercedes A-class because of the money they get from the filmmakers to review the film in a way that the card falls in their place. Are we right in judging a book by its appearance? No, if they are just like you and me who follow righteous values and fear God. Both if they are too smart to know when and what to do the things that will benefit both the parties.

Portraying Powerful


Having said that, figure how many words they read regularly to keep up with others in a market filled with competitors. Say, twenty words daily and with the grey hairs on their head, you can account that they must have learnt a lot of words in their journalistic life. Now, they want to pour it and portray themselves as juvenile, showy celebrity who is powerful and that stars fear them (the stereotypical nature of critic), readers follow them blindly without knowing their hidden agenda and propaganda. If so they must have surely preferred writing a movie review to the boring yet intelligent editorial writings.


Adhering To Media House Policies Of Bias


Every organization has policies which need to be followed including media houses which have become a formal organization. Now, let’s look at the facts – media houses are run by shareholders, partners and advertisers. If a film producer or an actor is a major yet secret shareholder or a partner in the company, the media house is obligated to write a positive review otherwise the threat of withdrawing money from the company heads over the company.

It’s Piece Of Art


If you don’t understand anything today, you can simply deem it to be an art piece. But are movie reviews art? Movie reviewers generally hold the opinion that the reviews are balanced and a piece of art because it has gone through a lot of process from crafting to drafting to editing which makes it a furnished piece of art. You as a non movie reviewer might hold the opposite opinion though.

Behind those complicated movie reviews are the brains of the reviewer. You be the judge whether to read the reviews and enhance your English language skills or be lazy about it thinking it as a waste of time or a pressure on the grey cells of the brain.


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  1. Mark says:

    Nicely written! Gives you analytical insight!


  2. Mark says:

    Nicely written! Gives an analytical insight!


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