Replanting The Trees: Women Empowerment


Women have two choices either to be a “feminist” or a “masochist.” The society believes that the beginning of every great thing starts with a woman but they oppose the same. Why it is that women on one hand are viciously oppressed and yet at the same time are preservers of the society?

Women are beaten up, humiliated, raped, and killed every day. To talk about it, we everyday find a news piece on them, posts on social media networks. “The most common way women give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” tells Anisa Hashmi who is working on a women empowerment cause “Project Adhikaar” a part of a student run organization AIESEC Hyderabad. What is it that allows the women to replant the trees, rebuild the societies, and to lead radical and non-violent movements? The answer is “EMPOWERMENT”.

“I believe that empowerment is the spark that is required for women in today’s deteriorating conditions.” tells Tandav Krishna, who heads the project. On asking being a male what made him to start this, he puts in the picture “Despite being a guy, I connect to this project and hope to bring about a change in the life of few women.” Mriga Bhasin, a member of the team adds “I see everyone talking about it, posting and sharing on Facebook, what they don’t understand is that they are the ones who need to change it if they expect a change.” Project Adhikaar is a platform that helps women to engage in different activities.

The student run organization started this month long project in April, where 30 international students are engaged for 6 weeks each conducting close to 70 Women Empowerment Workshops along with the team of 9 local organizers in several NGOs, schools, colleges and corporate establishments in the city. These international and local students will conduct workshops on Women Entrepreneurship, Health Care, and Self Defense among other spheres. The project targets young individuals as well as disadvantaged women.

What is stored for you woman out there?

Their project site offers you to apply for Adhikaar, rights revolving around you. They are conducting an event workshop where people who are impacted and are yet to cover will come together.

Women expected to study to get married, raise kids, work for a minimum pay, and do household chores – are those days gone? If the answer is “No, not really” are you doing anything about it? These students believe “If not us, who? If not now, when?” – and they are really making a difference. They believe to engage, empower, and impact – all of us must celebrate being a woman every day!


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