Just one degree doesn’t matter!

College students are now going out of their way to explore different 
courses apart from their regular Undergradraduate courses.

Gone are those days when students would just let their minds focus on one subject and pursue their careers in one direction. In this rat-race of jobs and high ambitions, they are now gambling through various courses apart from their regular undergraduate degree. The urge of learning has created a mass effect of self-indulgence in other fields amongst students these days. They are not afraid of the myth that one foot cannot stand two boats; in fact, they want to explore a number of options that would interest them.

A Backup Plan

Call this a plan B or just an urge to learn more but this is the new trend among the city students. “I took up B.Com along with CA because you get to learn more about the subject in detail and once you crack the CPT exam it is very useful to get a job in the later stages,” says Sai Sagar a B.Com student from Loyola Academy. Moreover, it’s a plan B for him. “If you don’t pass the CPT exam you can always rely on B.Com for your career it acts like a backup” he adds.

The Creative Side

On the other hand, regular subjects are acting like a sleeping pill and paralyzing the creative minds, students are venting out their creative skills by taking up courses like interior designing, performing arts & music. Apoorva Shrinivasan, a mass communication student from St. Francis is one among them, along with the course she is also pursuing a diploma in Interior designing from Hamstech Institute of Fashion and Interior Design. “I want to do so many things in life and interior designing has always been a fascination whereas journalism is my forte. I like learning new things a lot” she says. An all in all creative package, she is a Kuchipudi dancer and also plays the guitar. “My college gets over by 3.30 pm and then I’ve my interior designing classes, it’s not that hard to handle many things at the same time,” she says.

Linguistic Approach

While few students are busy thinking of a plan B or learning new things and pursuing their passion, on the other hand, there are students learning a new language to top-up their portfolios. Preethi Nina Padmanabhan, a civil engineering student from JNTU is learning Arabic from Osmania University. “Arabic is very interesting and not just that, Dubai is a hub for Civil engineers so this will even help me in the near future moreover everyone is inclined in learning French something that doesn’t appeal, to me at least. This is a certificate course in proficiency but I’m even considering going ahead for a Junior Diploma” she says.




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