When adults realized that smartphones were not a waste of time

Artists around the world collaborated on a project, “Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations Between Artists.



The Met Museum commissioned 12 artists to participate in this project. Each asked to invite another artist onboard to be his/her conversation partner for a five-month period. The theme of the project explored the effects of partnership of artists engaging in a visual dialogue using only their phones.


The pairs approached the challenge in their own way. Some exchanged photos, others conversed methodologically, a back and forth pattern of a pictorial game of ping-ping. Most artists responded on the last year’s happenings, President election and its aftermath. The final presentation resulted in video projections, touchscreens, exhibit prints and photo book.


The Met Museum curator’s divulgence in ideating and commissioning the project was too naïve, as everyday, mostly, all people around the world are engaged in this visual dialogue. Talking pictures over web and on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to name a few. It absolutely doesn’t make sense to come up with this project when everyday people are photo and video logging. To go on a stretch and to commission this project to the artists, the met museum gave some lazy artists money to do the tings that everyday people do.

Has the Met Museum run out of ideas to present something out of the box to the audience?4698266 I just want to say if you need ideas, you can approach a school-kid and take ideas from them that are unique and innovative.




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